I was trying to style an apex:inputFile to show the name of the file into the box. here what I came to and it works:

<apex:column headerValue="Insert file" rendered="{!if(fileUpload == true, true, false)}" style="text-align:right" headerClass="headerTextAlign">
    <apex:stylesheet value="{!$Resource.FileInput_slds_copy}"/>
    <apex:inputFile value="{!wrapper.file.Body}" fileName="{!wrapper.file.Name}" id="file" styleClass="assistive-text" onchange="document.getElementById('fileName').textContent = this.files[0].name"/>
    <apex:outputLabel styleClass="file-selector__body" for="file">
        <span class="file-selector__button button button_neutral" id="fileName + {!wrapper.product.id}">
            Upload File

the problem is that there can only be a single element on a page with the same id, and since this is a apex:colomn in an apex:pageBlockTable with the objects being iterated over a List with apex:repeat, there are many span with the same id, resulting in the first button being the only one with an id, and when I upload a file on an other line, the text of the document is always shown on the first line.

image of the table

So I tried to make the id of each of the Span to be a little different, so they can exist.

<span class="file-selector__button button button_neutral" id="fileName + {!wrapper.product.id}">

it works, my elements on my page each have a specific Id now, but I don't know how to reference that Id in my javaScript code so it knows which is the id. How can I manage to do that. Or is there an other olution than changing the Id for my problem?

In other words, I want to get the Id of the product that is a row on the pageBlockTable when I click on a button on that row

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If you REALLY can't get access to the id, you can try this:

<span class="{!'spanfileName' + wrapper.product.id}"></span>

Define your input with a styleClass that will tell the script where to look:

styleClass="{!'fileName' + wrapper.product.id}" assistive-text"

In the script, find the element and append:

  function getFile(source) {
    let element = document.getElementsByClassName('span' + source.classList[0])[0];
    element.textContent = source.files[0].name;
  • I dont think I can reference {!wrapper.product.id} in a javascript tho, I just get an error in my DevTools console: Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token
    – Alexis
    Jun 30 at 18:32
  • I tried a small function for the onClick event, function test(){console.log('{!$Component.wrapper.product.id}');}. there is not error message, but nothing is printed in the console
    – Alexis
    Jun 30 at 19:14
  • I've got a plan... give me a few mins Jun 30 at 19:46
  • I think I found my problem, function test(){console.log('{!wrapper.product.id}');} is working. I just read somewhere that $Component was nesessary, but it's not true. Sorry for the trouble
    – Alexis
    Jun 30 at 21:04

For the Span:

<span class="file-selector__button button button_neutral" id="fileName{!wrapper.product.id}">

For the onchange Event: onchange="document.getElementById('fileName'+'{!wrapper.product.id}').textContent = this.files[0].name"/>

this way, the Ids are unique and can be referenced in javaScript, because each Id have a part where it is the Id of the record on a row of a a pageBlockTable

!Important: all the code must be in the onchange field, it must NOT be onchange that calls a JS function. I don't know why, but '{!wrapper.product.id}' always give the same Id if the function in in a script block, while it wors fine when the code is directly written in the onchange.

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