I have updated the contact's Mailing country to two-letter name through workflow rule. Besides, I have a process builder that uses mailing country and makes API calls (API call is occur in apex class which is called from process builder). Apex class called from process builder also updates other contact fields.

But sometimes the 'country name' field remains the same - it doesn't update but when I check debug logs that field value is two-letter, and just the user interface doesn't show the update. This issue sometimes appears but in most cases, the flow works as expected. What can be the reason for this unstable behavior?

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  • There's not enough info here to directly answer this - but if DML is done (and not reverted by some other logic) in a transaction and page is refreshed at end of transaction, the value should appear in the UX. You may need to look deeper in debug log to trace all of the logic, checking for async DML, etc.
    – cropredy
    2 days ago
  • I have checked both with failure and without it debug logs but there was no principal difference or any missing/additional DML part. I have updated the Mailing country field to two-letter then I have used it in custom javascript button code and in the apex class.
    – TatevikS
    31 mins ago


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