My issue is that I have made a quote record non-editable(read-only) for all users except the admin. I've achieved this using changing record type based on some conditions. Read about record types here.

When I try to clone the same quote, it gives me the error

 "insufficient access rights on cross-reference id: 0068c00000o97hN" 

Screenshot of the error

I have created a custom button with the following code to clone a record-


Note that this error is only occurring for non-admin users. I have checked all the permissions from the profile and everything looks ok.

What seems to be the error? Can someone guide in the right direction?

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  • Well, 006 is the Id prefix for an Opportunity, so I'd say that the issue is probably with your sharing settings/model rather than because of a recordType. Is your Org-Wide Default (OWD) sharing set to public (read-only or read/write) or private?
    – Derek F
    Jun 23 at 15:26


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