we are working on case object where we have added two related list (Open activity and Activity history) on page layout. The issue that we are facing is when we are on classic being any user (be it system admin or any end user) we can see both the related list, but as soon we move to lightning ,only system admin can see the open activity and activity history related list but end user cannot see that. Also i found an article which says if activity timeline is enabled activity history may not appear on related list for lightning. Further since my org has Activity timeline enabled and system admin can see the two related list , so i guess it should be some permission related issue only but no luck in finding the same.

PS: I doesn't want to use single related list for this requirement . I actually want to utilize the classic page layout and related list quick link for flexipage

Thanks in advance!

  • I am not sure why this has been voted negatively. if this can be easily found on internet and anything like that, please do comment along with voting negatively. Jun 24 at 6:32


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