Handler class

public static void CreateOpportunity(Map<Id,Opportunity> oldData, List<Opportunity> newData){
            Set<id> OppIdsSet = new Set<Id>();
            for(Opportunity n : newData){
                if ( n.StageName == 'Closed Won' && 
                    (oldData.isEmpty() || ( !oldData.isEmpty() && oldData.get(n.Id).StageName != n.StageName ))
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Yes, you can do that, just provide the two parameters:

Opportunity[] newList = [SELECT StageName FROM Opportunity LIMIT 200];
Opportunity[] oldMap = new Map<Id, Opportunity>(newList.deepClone(true, true, true));
// Fix this to match the class name
TriggerHandlerClass.CreateOpportunity(newList, oldMap);

You can also just call it indirectly with some DML:

Opportunity[] newList = [SELECT StageName FROM Opportunity LIMIT 200];
update newList;

You can also change the values in the lists before calling the method if you're trying to test your logic.

Also, as a side note, your RecurringBoolean.StopRecurrsion check is invalid. You should read my answer on ideas for a better design, and why your current design should not be used.

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