I had a flow that has this input variable:


and wanted to pass a constant value in from a Digital Experience page. That page's metadata included:

}, {
  "components" : [ {
    "componentAttributes" : {
      "flowArguments" : "",
      "flowLayout" : "oneColumn",
      "flowName" : "acl__NewRegistration2"
    "componentName" : "forceCommunity:flowCommunity",
    "id" : "09ac8e2a-cd8f-4a28-95e7-a580dda9c6b9",
    "renderPriority" : "NEUTRAL",
    "renditionMap" : { },
    "type" : "component"
  } ],
  "id" : "2947bfe5-f3ee-4faf-63ec-ff0189ba4c8a",
  "regionName" : "content",
  "type" : "region"
}, {

but I couldn't find any documentation on the flowArguments string that looked like the way to do that. What should that contain?

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Setting a value in the Experience Builder:

screen shot of builder

then doing an SFDX revealed this array of JSON objects syntax for flowArguments:

"flowArguments" : "[{\"label\":\"PolicyName\",\"dataType\":\"String\",\"supportsRecordId\":false,\"value\":\"ExamplePolicy\"}]",

i.e. this JSON turned into a string:


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