I am running a flow in our experience site that creates a custom object record called "Support Ticket".

I want to generate a link upon record creation that the user can click to navigate to the record inside of their Salesforce Org.

I have tried leveraging the global API values in flow to generate a base URL, but I see that it is generating the Base URL of the Experience Community and not that of the Salesforce Org that is hosting the Experience community.

How can we generate the Base URL of the Salesforce Organization that is hosting the Experience Community in flow?


I want to generate:


  • Can you provide an example of the URL you might expect to build? Jun 18 at 22:03
  • 1
    What sort of users are using the experience? This would only be useful for "internal" users. Have you considered simply pointing to http://login.salesforce.com/<the record ID>?
    – Phil W
    Jun 19 at 8:36
  • Would this approach automatically point them to the Salesforce org that they are logged into? Ill test this out! Jun 19 at 15:00


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