I'm aware IERs and reporting metrics are available as per Marketing Cloud Connect, but the user experience isn't the best for our reps. Our reps live on the Activity view in Sales Cloud, and I'd like to populate any email sends from Journeys in SFMC on that timeline so that reps have a single view of all the touchpoints that went out from SFMC. We also have a requirement where this information needs to be visible on the account object's activity view as all our reps work on account level and not contact level.

This is the specific activity I wanted to create from SFMC:

This is the specific activity I want to create from SFMC

I attempted to replicate this by leveraging the "Object Activity" feature in Journey Builder. I created an "Email Message" Activity, and simulate the run on a specific contact. Nothing happened, I was wondering if I had a misunderstanding of what Object Activity does, or if this was even possible to do from SFMC?

  • Please clarify which SF object you are trying to create and how have you configured the object activity. I am sure what you are trying to do is possible, but you haven’t provided enough info for us to be able to help you.
    – zuzannamj
    Jun 19 at 8:58

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As you might already know from your research that email sends (including Journey builder sends) populate in the Individual Email Results object in SF CRM.

Your approach to create a record in Email Message object was an excellent idea, but I believe those records are different from those displayed in the Activity view. If you want to test this try creating a record in the Lead object (filling in the required fields to create a lead) via the Object Activity in a journey. Under leads you'll see that record appear once the subscriber passes through the journey.

The data is in SF CRM in the IER object. Would it be a better approach to work inside of SF CRM to create a custom activity view and pull in that data?

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