I have the below code where i want to highlight a given word .But the word is not getting highlighted. Tried using tag Below is the code. FOr this below given code, i am trying to highlight word "Check"



    <template for:each={recs} for:item="rec">
        <div key={rec.Title} class="slds-card"> {rec.Title}</div>



import { LightningElement } from "lwc";

export default class App extends LightningElement {
  recs = []

    this.recs = [{"CreatedByName":"David Guetta","CreatedDate":"6/10/2022","Id":"11111111111","showHideBy":"slds-hide","showHideclosureReason":"slds-show","Reason":"test","Status":"Subject Matter Expert Review","Title":"Check Highlight"},{"CreatedByName":"test","CreatedDate":"5/1/2022","Id":"222222222","showHideBy":"slds-hide","showHideclosureReason":"slds-show","Reason":"slds-hide","Status":"Subject Matter Expert Review","Title":"Check Highlight Check"}]
   this.recs.forEach(element => {
                element.Title.replace(new RegExp('Check', 'ig'),(value)=>`<mark>${value}</mark>`);

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I think you need to assign the returned value from replace function, taken from mozilla documentation: The replace() method returns a new string with some or all matches of a pattern replaced by a replacement so try this:

element.Title = element.Title.replace(new RegExp('Check', 'ig'),(value)=>`<mark>${value}</mark>`);

Hope this helps!

EDIT: you might need to use this tag on your template:

<lightning-formatted-rich-text value={rec.Title}></lightning-formatted-rich-text>

You can also use a quick algorithm to break the parts up:

element.highlights = element.Title.replaceAll(RegExp(`(${searchTerm})`, "ig"), "\0$1\0")
    (p, v) => {
      if (p.normal == undefined) {
        p.normal = v;
      } else {
        p.values.push({ key: p.values.length, normal: p.normal, mark: v });
        p.normal = undefined;
      return p;
    { values: [] }

Which you can then display in your template:

<template for:each={recs} for:item="rec">
  <div key={rec.Title} class="slds-card">
    <template for:each={rec.highlights} for:each="highlight" >
      <span key={highlight.index} class="normal">{highlight.normal}</span>
      <mark key={highlight.index} class="bold">{highlight.mark}</mark>

This has the advantage of not dealing with HTML directly in your JavaScript, at the cost of more markup.

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