Situation is our customer sent the newsletter customer page without a postal code. But we were asked to add the postal code into the newsletter cloudpage. However previous customers did not put their postal code as there were no option writing down the postal code. So we are planning to send another email to those customers who did not write down their postal code.

So the question is can we dynamically populate the field information of the MC Cloud Page (Landing Page) by calling the previously stored information in the MC? If so how I can call the previously stored information. I know it is possible through the AmpScript Lookup function but the thing is the link was directed not directly to the newsletter landing page but to the homepage and after that customer clicked to the newsletter.

If it was directly forwarded to Cloudpage, I would add parameter url doing base 64 encoding and decoding and Ampscript with lookup function to call the information which the client put in to the newsletter. However, the situation is the email url was not directly forwared to the newsletter cloudpages. So I want to ask it is possible to call back stored information, even though it was not directed to the newsletter landing page directly.

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