Personalization error: %%policy_number%% To fix the problem, please try the following: - Make sure that there is not a space or typo within the personalization string in your email. For example, check and correct any spaces between percent signs (%%) - Correct the Preheader of your email.

This is the exact error message I am getting. I already checked the Pre-header of my email and there is no spaces in between the characters.

Can someone help me with this problem? Thanks in advance.

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    Is policy_number a field in your sendable DE? Jun 14 at 7:22
  • Also, you can't set content for preheader in the body of the email, as per this article Jun 14 at 8:40
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    To clarify what @LukasLunow is saying, you can set the preheader in the Email HTML Content of your Asset - It just has to be set above the HTML <body> tag in the raw HTML. Anything after the body tag will be ignored by the preheader input on your email definition. Jun 14 at 13:00


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