As I am querying records From EventLogFile object only 3 types of events are retrived i.e. API Total uses, Login and Logout Event. records are generating but only for this 3 types of events. why i am facing this issue as my profile is of system admin and all the permission is given as it is. why records are not generating for any other type of events?


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As mentioned in the trailhead doc

The event types you can access and how long the files remain available depends on your Salesforce edition.

  • Developer Edition organizations have free access to all log types with 1-day data retention.
  • Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Edition organizations have free access to the insecure external assets, login, logout, and total API usage event log files with 1-day data retention. For an extra cost, you can access all log file types with 30-day data retention.

As per doc you need to

Contact your Salesforce sales representative or Account Executive to purchase the Event Monitoring add-on to access all event types


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