An Apex method is called and updates the StageName field from 'Approved' to 'Documentation.' It completes. A different Apex method is called and 'updates' the StageName field on the same record from 'Documentation' to 'Documentation' (the same value). Does this second 'update' trigger all processes that run on opportunity update?

Reference/documentation is helpful.

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Any DML that contains at least one record causes the Order of Execution to be run.

You don't need to change any of the data in an update. The fact that you are performing a DML update is enough to cause the update train to start.

One distinction is that this just gives these processes (triggers, flow, workflow, validation rules, process builder) an opportunity to run. The criteria/decision nodes that you have in the other automation tools still determine whether or not they actually run.

  • And that is why one should always match old and new values to verify exact change in apex and flows to before executing a block
    – Elijah
    Jun 14, 2022 at 5:57

Yes, it would fire all triggers/workflow rules for the second update.

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