I have a ContentDistributionTrigger trigger after insert & update which when fired has a null value for ContentDownloadUrl.

The ContentDistribution is created in a ContentDocumentLinkTrigger as such:

ContentDistribution cd = new ContentDistribution();
cd.Name = (String)link.LinkedEntityId + ' logo' ;
cd.ContentVersionId = // my id
cd.RelatedRecordId = link.LinkedEntityId;
cd.PreferencesAllowOriginalDownload = true;
cd.PreferencesPasswordRequired = false;
insert cd;

Then in my ContentDistributionTrigger:

trigger ContentDistributionTrigger on ContentDistribution ( after insert, after update ) {

    for (ContentDistribution cd : Trigger.new) {

debugs as "null"

Is the ContentDownloadUrl generated after the after insert trigger fires? If so, why don't I catch it in the "after update" run of this trigger?

Thank you,


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