Our Salesrep can write some text in a textbox field which is related to a campaign. This field should print on the letter. The Salesrep can use some words which are substitute in the process.

If the write in the text [LASTNAME] the process substitutes the word into the name of the campaign member.

Can I do this substitution in combination of an If condition like below?

If the Salesrep put [EZR_SALUTAION] to the textbox it should be substitute with MR if the gender is M.

                       '[FIRSTNAME]', wrapper.KampMem_Firstname),
                       '[LASTNAME]', wrapper.KampMem_Lastname),
                       {!If(wrapper.Ezr_Gender = 'M', 'MR', 'MS')}),
          }" />

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You almost have it -- you need to remove the {! and } from the IF. Once you start a merge expression in Visualforce with a {!, you don't use {! again until after the closing }

That is, to use a simple example ...


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