I working to convert the workflow to flow. But am stuck with connecting the parent and child objects which was email and case on while creating the flow.

Am not aware how to connect these two objects to trigger the flow. Could anyone please guide me for the below scenario.

Objects : Case and email message.


The scenario was, whenever the email To address is equals to ABC@gmail.com (sample) the case object fields of Owner ID , Source, Mail received dates are need to update automatically.

Condition : (Object : email ) Email message = ABC@gmail.com

Update values : ( Object : Case) Owner ID : Sample queue, Source : Letter/mail, Mail received date : Today’s date, Contact Date : NULL

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    What have you tried so far?
    – cropredy
    Jun 12 at 19:24

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The EmailMessage object has a RelatedToId field. You can crab the id from that field and look up the case to be updated.

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