I'm experimenting with creating records through Postman. I have authenticated, and I'm able to query data, so I think authentication is OK. However when I'm trying to create or update an Account, it completely ignores the body of the json, and just returns a 200 ok.

I'm new to this, so it might be something very basic I have missed.

enter image description here

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    How did you confirm that Salesforce is ignoring the body?
    – Saroj Bera
    Jun 11 at 12:40
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    What you're seeing in the response body there is the describe data, which is returned by a GET request to the same endpoint. Your setup looks correct; did you actually send a POST request?
    – David Reed
    Jun 11 at 14:58

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Solved it, the URL was wrong. It needs to be my.salesforce.com NOT lightning.force.com

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