I am trying to learn Salesforce CPQ where I have two questions. I have tried to create a Percent of Total product.

I have two questions here :

  1. I will have to add the Percent of Total product in the Price Book where I am mandatorily supposed to add the list price. My question is what is this list price. Should I assign any random value to it just because its mandatory? or am I approaching this wrong and I wouldn't have to add Percent of Total field to the Price Book at all?

  2. Can I specifically set Percent of Total product as a yearly priced product?

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When setting up percent of total product, you do need to create a price book entry with a price. It doesn't really matter what you put in there unless you want to have a minimum or maximum price for the percent of total product (you'd use the Percent of Total Constraint Field in that case).

For your second question: you can have percent of total on yearly products. If you are running into a specific problem, I'd recommend a new question.

  • Thank you for the explanation.
    – Madhurima
    Commented Jun 10, 2022 at 13:26

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