I'm trying to get a field value of a Sobject. for example for Case.

String cas = 'Case';
String caseid = '5003O000008QNUOQA4';
String query = 'SELECT Id,RecordTypeId,Answer_Type__c FROM ' + cas+  ' WHERE Id = \'' + caseid + '\'';
List<SObject> casList = Database.query(query);
System.debug(casList[0]); // Debug Result: Case:{Id=5003O000008QNUOQA4, RecordTypeId=0121v000000X31eAAC, Answer_Type__c=Qst17}
System.debug(casList[0].Id); //Debug Result: 5003O000008QNUOQA4

But System.debug(casList[0].Answer_Type__c); give me an error :

Variable does not exist: Answer_Type__c.

And also System.debug(casList[0].RecordTypeId); give me the same error :

Variable does not exist: RecordTypeId.

I guess I cant run in because Sobject as a class doesn't have the fields, but how can I get this data?

Many thanks,


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Using the SObject Class, you can leverage get() where the single input parameter is the field API name you are looking to retrieve a value within.

String answerType = (String) casList[0].get('Answer_Type__c');
  • Thank you @TSmith
    – Salvation
    Jun 7, 2022 at 13:39

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