Use Case:

When the user changes values on some fields on Opportunity record, Alert/Warn the User.

My issue:

I am not able to reset the checkbox so that the Alert Pop up does not show everytime the record is opened or refreshed.

What I tried

  1. Created a check box: Display_Alert__c default 'False'
  2. Created a Record Triggered Flow that checks for isChange(Field__c) and sets the Display_Alert__c to True
  3. Created a Visual force Page 'pop up' and dropped it on the Page layout

<apex:page standardController="Opportunity">

if({!Opportunity.Display_Alert__c}) alert('Display Alert!!');


How to rest the check box to False, after the user Closes the Warning popup?

I have also tried add a scheduled path in Flow however is Chnaged does not allow scheduled path.

  • if you are already working on ui(vf page) dont save checkbox in backend using flow. do everything in vf controller only. on intial load , store opportunity data. when data is changed , comparechanged data with original data and display pop up as and when required Jun 6 at 16:40


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