Problem Statement:

I have to inject records into the journey whenever a customer's status is upgraded to higher from lower. We have a three-status record.

Priority Status

1 Silver

2 Gold

3 Platinum

Whenever customer status is changed from Silver to Gold, Silver to Platinum, Gold to Platinum then they should receive an email

Which entry source is suitable? I was looking for two options.

Option 1 -> Salesforce data On record update to Gold, I can send them an email but the problem is I want to send them an email only when the record is updated from Silver to Gold, with this option I am sending email even when record is updated from Platinum to Gold

Option 2 -> SQL Query and inject data into data extension from the Synchronised data extension But in SQL query I can not check the previous status was silver and the current status is gold. I can only fetch the record whose current status is gold

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I'm sure there are better ways of doing this but something I've done is use field tracking history in Salesforce to track changes for a particular field. I then have a Salesforce report set up to return Contacts for whom the value for the field has changed. The report output has columns for Old Value and New Value. Example:

enter image description here

I then sync this report to Marketing Cloud and query the resulting data extension from there.

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