Requirement: Take input (Name, Phone) from user into LWC modal and on click of submit button fire email, using Apex Messaging class, if user is Community Guest User.

Current Issue: When logged in as administrator or any other profile, email is getting fired and receiver is able to receive the email. But in case the user is not logged in on the community site no error is generated and nor does the receiver receives the email.

Methods tried till now:

  1. Have assigned access level to "all mails" Setup --> Deliverability --> Access Level --> "All mails"
  2. Used "Without Sharing" in the apex class.
  3. Profile(Community Guest User) --> System Permissions --> Checkbox checked: Send Email, Mass Emailenter image description here

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Messaging class not accessible by guest user profile. Once I was facing the same problem for customer community guest users. the alternative I did is, called auto launch flow from apex and send the email from flow.

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