So right now I have a contentversion that I want to put in an additional field. If I did not put the required on the field I can successfully upload a file but the file just uploads and there isn't any next Button. If I put the field as required I am not able to upload any files anymore.

May I ask what is the right way to do this ?

EDIT: If I open the dev console, it is saying success. enter image description here

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Sadly it is not possible to use the required custom fields on the content version object with the default upload.

you have 2 options:

  1. customize the upload, using a flow, Aura, or LWC.
  2. auto-fill that information using pre-existing data in salesforce, using a trigger.

My guess is that you will need to create a custom upload.


We can't Expose custom fields on ContentVersion when uploading files.

Refer the Idea

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