I need to remove spaces and accents (special characters) and capital letters from the 'From Email Address' field in the sender profile. Indeed, I would like to compose a dynamic From Email Address in the sender profile based on the Salesforce CRM account name (which would be a variable) and a static domain name which is verified. The account name is retrieved from Salesforce as the journey data entry is Salesforce data entry.

  1. I would like to concat the account name and the static domain name
  2. I would like to know how to remove the capital letters, the accents (eg :'à', 'â', 'é', 'ê', 'è', 'ù') and the spaces that can be in the field account name.

--> Example of desired output : If the field value on the account name is 'John Dôe' and the verified static domain name is '@digitalforu.com', the output should be '[email protected]'.

How can I proceed to do these actions ? I had put the following code in the 'From Email Address' field in sender profile but I do not know how to solve the issue of accents, spaces and capital letters that can appear in the account name.

%%[set @accountname = AttributeValue("Opportunity:Account:Name") if not empty (@accountname) then set @FromEmailAddress = CONCAT(@accountname, "@digitalforu.com") else set @FromEmailAddress ="@digitalforu.com" endif ]%% %%=v(@FromEmailAddress)=%%

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Honestly there is no simple solution here so it is gonna be a mess and far from efficient in AMPscript. Would be better to manipulate prior to send. Below is partial example on approach:

set @accountname = replacelist(replacelist(lowercase(AttributeValue("Opportunity:Account:Name")),"a","à","á","â","ã","ä","å","æ","ā","ă","ą"),"c","ç",ć","č")...etc per symbol letter

Breakout example to build from

/* Set attribute to var */
Set @accountname = AttributeValue("Opportunity:Account:Name")

/* push to lowercase */
Set @accountname = lowercase(@accountname)

/* replacelist for each version of 'a' with symbols */
Set @accountname = replacelist(@accountname,"a","à","á","â","ã","ä","å","æ","ā","ă","ą")

/* continue this for each letter that can have symbols */

/* remove spaces */
Set @accountname = replace(@accountname," ","")

I would use a combination of AMP Script and SSJS to handle this. I would setup the workflow as follows:

Step 1) Get the Value

    SET @accountname = AttributeValue("Opportunity:Account:Name")

<script runat="server" language="javascript">
   set accountname = Variable.GetValue("@accountname");

Step 2) Remove the Accents

There are plenty of examples on how to do this via JS that I won't write a solution but I'll link out to a Stackoverflow article (here). The accepted answer using maps would be supported in SSJS on SFMC.

Step 3) Set the Value

<script runat="server" language="javascript">
   set accountname = result; // result from stackoverflow
   Variable.SetValue("@accountname ", accountname);

At the end of Step 3; you have a non-accented accountname on which you can do any if, else checks that you like to derived your FromAddress.

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