I have a Contact Tab List View, and when I add a picklist or multi-select picklist to the view, I get an error.

Here is what the list view looks like before I add a picklist: Before Picklist

Once I add the picklist, it won't appear in the columns or no columns appear if I refreshed the page, and I get this message instead: Error Message

When I look at these views with an admin, I do see the picklist columns: enter image description here

The user has read and edit access to the picklist, granted to the profile and to the assigned permission set.

What am I missing, and how can I get this to work for my end users?



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I discovered that when I removed the record type filter from the list view, it would start showing the picklist column. It was necessary to have the record type filter, so it didn't help to just remove the filter.

I reached out to Salesforce's support for this, and they found that one of the SObjects for the profile with the problem didn't have an assigned page layout - In this case, it was the Event.

Although the Event's fields were not on the list view, nor was any formula field using fields from the Event, it was preventing the list view from showing when I added a record type filter.

Once I assigned the page layouts for the Event, the list views started working.

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