I have three similar validation rule which I'm trying to make it into a single one: My field is a Percent

my three different validation rules are:

1. OR( field1__c + field2__c > 1.0 )

2. OR( ISBLANK(field1__c), ISBLANK(field2__c) )

3. OR( field1__c < 0 , field2__c < 0 )

I have tried something like this:

    field1__c + field2__c > 1.0,
        field1__c < 0,
        field2__c < 0

I can still be able to save the record with empty

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Remember that validation rules fire when the result is true (making invalidation rule a better term for them).

If any of your 3 base conditions are true, the validation rule should fire.

Meaning you should wrap the entire thing in an OR() instead of an AND(). You could get rid of the inner OR() functions and just have all 5 conditions in one big OR(), but breaking them out like you have shouldn't be an issue.

  • i was so close :)
    – Nick
    Commented May 12, 2022 at 0:47

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