I am using AMSCRIPT to personnalize some sender details in an email block at the end of the email. This block contains several lines :

  • name of the account
  • first name, last name,
  • phone
  • email adress
  • postal adress

I would like to avoid to display a break line if the fields are empty.

I had tried a code based on researchs I did in StackEchange but when I test it, I still have break lines in the empty fields. I have no doubt I am doing something wrong.

Here is the code I used on the beginning of the email :

var @accountname, @lastname, @firstname, @phone, @emailadress, @postaladress

SET @accountname = AttributeValue("Opportunity:Account:Name")
SET @lastname = AttributeValue("Opportunity:NomCommercial__c")
SET @firstname = AttributeValue("Opportunity:PrenomCommercial__c")
SET @phone = AttributeValue("Opportunity:TelephoneCommercial__c")
SET @emailadress = AttributeValue("Opportunity:EmailCommercial__c")
SET @postaladress = Concat(@Opportunity:Account:BillingStreet, "", @Opportunity:Account:BillingPostalCode, "", @Opportunity:Account:BillingCity)

%%=iif(not empty(@accountname),concat(@accountname,"<br/>"),"")=%%
%%=iif(not empty(@firstname),@firstname,"")=%%%%=iif(not empty(@lastname ),concat("",@lastname),"")=%%<br/>
%%=iif(not empty(@phone),concat(@phone,"<br/>"),"")=%%
%%=iif(not empty(@emailadress),concat(@emailadress,"<br/>"),"")=%%
%%=iif(not empty(@postaladress),concat(@postaladress,"<br/>"),"")=%%


On the email body at the bottom of the email I had added the output function :

%%=v(@firstname)=%% %%=v(@lastname)=%%

I do not know :

  1. how to apply the iif condition that I had put on the beginning of the email with my v function
  2. and if I have to use the v function to display only the fields that are not empty and not to display break lines between lines if the fields are empty.

Thanks for your precious help

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    just to be sure. depending on how your lower code snippet is entered into the email - unless you are entering the lower snippet into a plain HTML block (but e.g. a free form), it DOES contain line breaks between the %%=v()=%% functions. May 11 at 12:06
  • Hi @JonasLamberty, I was using a text email thats'why but the code worked perfectly. I had put in on snippet block in a email and it worked. May 18 at 10:36
  • ok :) then i'll formulate that as an answer. May 18 at 10:48

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Judging from your comment:

The line breaks that were physically entered between your variables are the problem. Since you previewed as text - pure text emails understand and display them as line breaks, while a HTML block / code snippet would only interpret actual <br>s as such >> hence this problem only occurred in plain text.

Maybe it's personal taste, but I would encourage to leave HTML out of AMPScript functions (iif / concat), myself I usually just write physical HTML and output variables between AMPscript blocks:

Something like:

/* establish variables like in your code ... */

/* concat first & last; trims leading and trailing spaces (in case one of them is empty, the space vanishes) */

SET @fullname = trim(concat(@firstname," ",@lastname))

/* conditional section where logic is separate from output */
if not empty(@accountName) THEN]%%%%=v(@accountname)=%%<br/>%%[endif]%%
%%[if not empty(@fullname) THEN]%%%%=v(@fullname)=%%<br/>%%[endif]%%
%%[if not empty(@phone) THEN]%%%%=v(@phone)=%%<br/>%%[endif]%%
%%[if not empty(@emailadress) THEN]%%%%=v(@emailadress)=%%<br/>%%[endif]%%
%%[if not empty(@postaladress) THEN]%%%%=v(@postaladress)=%%<br/>%%[endif]%%

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