I have a requirement in which I have to make a button, that first checks values of some fields and then, if conditions are true, redirects to a visualforce. Something like this:

if(field != value){
   alert('error message')
  //redirect to visualforce

This is for salesforce classic, so, normally, I would use onclick javascript for this. But, they asked to make it so it works for Lightning, BUT in the future, I mean, they wont migrate to Lightning right away. Is there a simple alternative to onclick javascript for classic that achieves this, and would work on lighting? I found a way in which I would create a "OnClickJSUtilityController" and implement an interface to perform the logic (source), but it seems a little too much for something so simple as to check a few fields.

Is there an alternative to this for classic? Thanks!

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You can do this in a VF page associated to the button:

<apex:page standardController="Account"
   <apex:pageMessage title="Mymessage" severity="error"/>

The NULL in the IF means don't redirect anywhere, just render the page.


  • okay, nice solution, but how do I insert the message in case the condition is true? I know I don't want to redirect to the other page, but how do I show the custom error ? May 9 at 18:36

You can replace button URL:

&r=/{!accorto__Project__c.Id}&q={!URLENCODE('Recalculate Project Actuals')}

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