I need help installing the SDK in the IOS application. An error is appearing in the process of performing the "Build" We follow this documentation: https://github.com/salesforce-marketingcloud/react-native-marketingcloudsdk

On android it was fine, but on IOS it shows the following error: Use of undeclared identifier 'MarketingCloudSDKConfigBuilder' Use of undeclared identifier 'mcsdkBuilder'

PS. App in react native

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You need to add the import statement at the very top.

// Add this import at the top (before #if RCT_NEW_ARCH_ENABLED)
#import <MarketingCloudSDK/MarketingCloudSDK.h>

Reference: https://github.com/salesforce-marketingcloud/react-native-marketingcloudsdk#2-configure-the-sdk-in-your-appdelegatem-class

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