I'm sure this is simple... I have a formula field that calculates square footage of a rug. I am using this resulting field in a Screenflow ( Not connected to any object ) to run a quick estimate template. I set up radio buttons for Types of rug ( 3 Choices ) that have 3 different price results. The following is the formula I am using for resulting field of ( Sq Ft total {!wtf} x 8, 9, or 15.00 ) for amount result field.

IT IS ONLY CALCULATING THE $8 price as a result no matter what is picked.

    {!EightDollarRugs}, 8.00,
    {!NineDollarRugs}, 9.00,

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Why don't you try this way

{!wtf} * CASE(Select_Rug_Type, "EightDollarRugs", "8.00", "NineDollarRugs", "9.00", "SpecialPriceRugs","15.00", "Null")

  • I will run this a bit later and tyvm. I was so mad there is no syntex generator in Flow so hard to know whats wrong if your not very up on it. I ended up doing the " rigged " cheat way and just added a decision element and then sent the putputs of the 3 different items to three cloned screens each with the simple formula of {!wtf} * 9.00 etc. Works like a charm but obviously not the easy way. I just got tired of playing with commas and dots all day getting nowhere LOL TYVM paven!!!!
    – David
    Commented Apr 30, 2022 at 22:10

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