I want to fix size of any image in lightning web component , I used this code but when the image is small the image take just her size that work just if the image is to large .

How can I fixe this .

<div style="max-width:82%;">
   <img style="max-width:80%;max-height:80%;" src ={image} > 
  • Consider using "width" and "height" if you want small images enlarged and large images shrunk. However, note that small images may look bad if enlarged too much due to pixilation. This will also potentially distort images (lose aspect ratio).
    – Phil W
    Apr 28 at 10:26

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The solution was using using "width" and "height" so my code is

<div style="max-width:95%;">
  <img style="max-width:85%;max-height:90%; height: 220px; width: 480px;" src={image}> 

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