I have a workflow that create a lead and a linked campaign members into a campaign . The fact is this flow come from a package i can't change it (lead capture). I want after the creation change the campaign of the created campaign members but the problem is the field CampaignId is not writeable, when i clone the camapign members to update it the campaign memebers can't be modified because he can't point to a converted lead ...

someone have an idea ?

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Assuming that you can't configure the package to specify the desired campaignId ...

Each CampaignMember has two fields:

  • ContactId
  • LeadId

When you clone the CampaignMember,

  • Set LeadId to the clone source LeadId if the Lead is not converted, otherwise, set to NULL
  • If the clone source's Lead is converted, then query that converted Lead to find its Lead.ConvertedContactId. Use that value to set the cloned CampaignMember.ContactId
  • thanks but my client have a lot of dev that use the fields LeadId . I think the best way is to clone lead and campaign May 1 at 10:08
  • Ok, but why clone a converted lead into an unconverted lead? Perhaps I don’t understand your business problem as described.
    – cropredy
    May 1 at 13:30

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