I was able to create compute environments successfully in sandboxes. When I attempt to do the same for Production:

> sf env create compute -o MyOrgAlias -a MyComputeEnv

I get:

> Creating compute environment for org ID 00D8k000007SNTnRAW... failed
>     Error: Request failed with status code 403

I have "Enable Production Space" checked in Production.

What am I missing?

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There is a separate "Production Compute Access" permission in "Functions" permission set (this is in addition to "Compute Access" permission).

When I attempted to enable that, I got an error:

Can't save permission set Functions, which is assigned to a user with user license Cloud Integration User. The user license doesn't allow the permission: Compute Production Access

To work around this, I cloned "Functions" permission set and granted "Production Compute Access" and assigned it to the user we set up to access functions feature.

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