I have Parent component LWC where I am displaying account records in html table and having filters for picklist where I have used combo box(Util combo box) . When I select the values in picklist it should filter my account records based picklist value selection. When I click the clearfilter button ,filter needs to be cleared and display all account records.

Parent HTML code:
    <lightning-button label="Clear Filter" variant="brand" onclick={handleClear}></lightning-button>
<template for:each={picklists} for:item="picklist">
    <td colspan="1" key={picklist.dataId}>
        <c-picklist object-api-name={picklist.objectApiName} field-api-name={picklist.fieldApiName}
        placeholder={picklist.placeholder} d-id={picklist.dataId} records={records}

Parent JS

import { LightningElement, api, track, wire } from "lwc";
import Account_Object from "@salesforce/schema/Account";
import Type from "@salesforce/schema/Account.Type__c";
import Status from "@salesforce/schema/Account.Status__c";

export default class RiskManagment extends LightningElement {    
    picklists = [];
   @track objectApiName = Account_Object;
    connectedCallback() {      
       this.picklists.push({objectApiName: this.objectApiName,fieldApiName: Type,dataId: "Type__c",placeholder: "Type"});
       this.picklists.push({objectApiName: this.objectApiName,fieldApiName: Status,dataId: "Status__c",placeholder: "Status"});
     this.accData = result;

CHILD Component:

        <template if:true={isLoaded}>
            <lightning-combobox data-id={dId} options={picklistOptions} placeholder={placeholder}
                onchange={handleSearchChange} value={pklValue}>

Based on picklist value selection my account records get filtered properly. When I click clearfilter button records get reset but not actually the value I selected in my lightning combo box . Please provide any suggestions

Thanks in advance

  • @sfdcfox Can you please help me
    – priyasfdc
    Apr 25, 2022 at 14:28

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Create a public method in child LWC that clears the value selected in lightning combo box.

@api clearSelectedValue(){
    //logic to clear the selected value

On parent, on click of Clear Filter button, call this child method.



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