How to calculate the business days difference between two dates in APex? I'm going to pass firstdate and finishdate from batch apex(below class is going to call in batch apex). I need to calculate only business days difference.

public with sharing class DaysDifferenceForTimeLog {
    public static integer EndDateStartDateDifferenceForTimeLog(date firstDate, date finishDate) {
        integer difference= firstDate.daysBetween(finishDate);
        return difference;

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try below :-

 * Get numbe of business days between two dates
 * */
public Integer getNoOfBusinessDaysBetweenDates(DateTime startDate, DateTime endDate){
    Integer count = 0;
    BusinessHours bHours = [SELECT Id FROM BusinessHours WHERE IsDefault = true limit 1];
    while(startDate <= endDate){
        if(BusinessHours.isWithin(bHours.Id, startDate)){
        startDate = startDate.addDays(1);
    return count;

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