Want to write an soql query on Accounts and products. If i select Account lookup in visualforce page i want to display history information of that account in table format. I tried to write an soql query where i am unable to get output please some one help me out.

  • Are the products you want to see somehow related to the accounts? – Jeremy Nottingham May 31 '14 at 13:36

On Account, if you use Setup -> Customize -> Accounts -> Fields -> Set History tracking you can nominate fields for which changes are recorded and query that data like this:

public AccountHistory[] history {
    get {
        return [
                select OldValue, NewValue, IsDeleted, Field,
                        CreatedDate, CreatedById, CreatedBy.Name
                from AccountHistory
                where AccountId = :accountId
                order by CreatedDate desc

But unfortunately this history tracking mechanism is not available for products.

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