I have 2 objects that I would like to do a join report on. The standard Activity Object and a custom object. They both have lookup fields to the User object and a date field. Is it possible to do a joined report in Salesforce on these 2 fields for these 2 objects?

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Create a Custom Report Type (Setup -> Report Types)

  • Select "Users" as primary Object (A)
  • Select your "Custom Object" as the secondary object (B)

Create another Report Type for:

  • Primary: "Users"
  • Secondary: "Activities (Assigned To)"

Create a report and select "Joined Report"

  • Select the above new report types as your Block 1 and Block 2
  • Select "Full Name" as the Group Across Blocks
  • Make sure that the filters are correct
  • Thanks man; it never occurred to me that the report types both need to have the same primary object. I figured any 2 report types, which both had lookups to a common object would do. I use to think joined reports were nearly worthless lol Apr 25, 2023 at 20:33

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