I have a flow on a community site (guest user context) using the standard file upload component to allow users to submit files.

Since guest users can't access Opportunities and I need to link these files to the opportunity, I'm using a Subflow in System Mode to make those file links in the element right after the File Upload screen.

  • That subflow takes a collection variable (v_ContentVersionIds) which gets assigned in the Output Values of the file upload component. That all works, except...
  • If the user uploads a file (or group of files) the v_ContentVersionIds values are assigned.
  • But, if the user uploads another file or group of files, the Ids of the second upload replace the first values and those initial files can't be linked to the Opportunity by the subflow.

Ideally, I need a way to add the ContentVersionIds of all the uploads, but without leaving the screen element (user is likely to drag and drop multiple times on the same screen).

If that won't work, I need a way to know (without leaving the screen) that files have been uploaded so that I can disable the upload and provide instructions for subsequent uploads.

It appears that v_ContentVersionIds does not get assigned UNTIL the next button is pressed, so I can't use that value for conditional visibility or disabling the component.

Any ideas?


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