RichText image is coming from external system. Get's into field, but does not display.


Hello everyone, we have an integration from SolarWinds to Salesforce the user can add a Rich Text Image to the SolarWinds field, then the integration runs, and puts the rich text field data (img tag and URL) into the Salesforce Target RichText field. However, the image does not display.

Is there a way to allow the image to display in the RichText Images URL without going through hassle of putting scraping the RichText field for the img tags, saving the images, and then repopulating the RichText Field with Salesforce Image urls?


Possible Solution

Put a trigger on the Case object to scrape the RichText field for img tags and save the images into a doc object. But seems like a lot of work for a simple request for the image.

  • Looks like this is related to the external system asking for a login. Seems like it's on their end.
    – thinker
    Apr 12, 2022 at 17:00


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