I am storing the email content in the google sheet and then importing it into the data extension. The email is dynamic & is fetching data from the data extension.

For one of the fields i,E URL , I am storing the text value in data extension as follows - concat(‘www.abcd.com/’,@path)

Within the email, the code looks like below,

Issue :

Set @url = ArributeValue(“URL”) ==> set @url = “concat(‘www.abcd.com/’,@path)”

What I want :

Set @url = ArributeValue(“URL”) ==> set @url = concat(‘www.abcd.com/’,@path)

The issue now is that in the @url variable string value is stored and instead of string value I want the string value to be treated as a code.

I tried treatascontent() but it dint work. Is there a way to get what I am trying to do above?

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I believe you need to set it as inline ampscript or as an ampscript block for it to render so something like %%=concat(‘www.abcd.com/’,@path)=%% in the DE or

Set @url = Treatascontent(Concat('%','%=',AttributeValue("URL"), '=%','%'))

Should do it.

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