I am trying to retrieve metadata of custom Tab from a profile with SFDX enter image description here

It should be logically something like that in metadata:


but cant retrieve anything using sfdx sfpowerkit:source:profile:retrieve -n "myProfile" or sfdx force:source:push

Is there a way to retrieve visibility on this tab for a specific profile ?

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To do this, you'd need to pull the object as well as Profile to get the ProfileTabVisibility

ProfileTabVisibility represents the visibility of tabs for this profile. For version 17.0 and later, ProfileTabVisibility supports visibility of tabs for standard objects. The manifest file must include the standard object corresponding to a standard tab to retrieve the tab visibility in a profile.

However, you've hit an unsupported object. If you try to include Calendar - you'll get the following error:

Can't retrieve non-customizable CustomObject named: Calendar

You'll see that Calendar is noted as unsupported by the Metadata API. As such, you'll have no way to do this except by manually editing the profile.

The following components can’t be retrieved or deployed with Metadata API, and changes to them must be made manually in each of your organizations:


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