I have to fetch a lookup field of the object Opportunity.Instead of this Dear {!Opportunity.Primary_Contact__c} I need Dear {!Opportunity.Primary_Contact__r.Name}.But each time I input this and save the value it gets changed.When I searched I came to know that cross object is not possible.So the only way is to provide a formula field and use it in the grant fetching the first and last name of primary contact and concatenating it?

  • In the formula field you can fetch it by using Primary_Contact__r.Name, you will get firstname & lastname then refer that formula field in email template Apr 11 at 12:11

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To Answer to the question yes using Cross Object merge fields do not work in case of email templates as per the article by salesforce. As workaround provided in the article is to create a hidden formula field and use that formula field in the template.

Please find the idea for the same in the Idea Exchange for the same where you can upvote for the same.

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