Wanted to show profile list view page on a custom link hence tried to get the checkbox value for "Enable Enhanced Profile List Views" but i'm not able to get that value.


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It isn't supported but it's not a half bad stop gap to scrape the page if you're logged in as an admin:

public Boolean isEnhancedProfileListViewsEnabled() {
    String ui = new PageReference('/ui/setup/org/UserInterfaceUI').getContent().toString();
    return ui.contains('checked="checked" id="enhancedProfileMgmt"');


You can even provide a link in your install guide or configuration context to "help" them set this up:

public PageReference doEnableProfileListViews() {
    PageReference setup = new PageReference('/ui/setup/org/UserInterfaceUI');
    setup.getParameters().put('enhancedProfileMgmt', '0');
    setup.getParameters().put('saveURL', '/home/home.jsp');
    setup.getParameters().put('save', '1');
    return setup;

This is a much friendlier experience than a 12 step program the user has to follow from a PDF.


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