I'm not having any luck googling this and my google-fu is typically "Awesome." Do note we're talking about Partner object, not OpportunityPartner.

I'm using system.RunAs() to simulate a normal sales user profile. I'm creating two accounts, acc1 and acc2, one contact on acc1, and one Opportunity on acc1.

If I try to create a new partner record such as:

    Partner thisPartner = new Partner();
    thisPartner.Role = 'Test Role';
    thisPartner.IsPrimary = true;
    thisPartner.OpportunityId = opp;
    thisPartner.AccountToId = acct2;
    insert thisPartner;

I get the following error:

System.SObjectException: Invalid field Role

On the above line

thisPartner.Role = 'Test Role';

If I comment system.RunAs(); it inserts just fine as a SysAdmin user.

If I just hit "New Partner" on the webpage Opportunity detail related list as an actual user with the same profile as the test user, it works fine.

What might I be missing? Thank you.

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Oh... You just can't create Parnter objects via Apex unless the user has 'View All Data' permissions. I cannot write a unit test that appropriately mimics a standard sales user's creation of a partner. Thus, I can't unit test validation and workflow rules that only fire for non-admin user profiles.


You must have the “View All Data” permission to access this object via the API. All of the Partner fields are accessible in the describeSObjects() and query() calls.


Looks like you cannot write triggers on the partner object.

  • If you have "View All Data" on a @isTest then doesn't that make it no longer negated from code coverage? Commented Mar 31, 2015 at 0:15

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