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Hi all I am using a flow to update a record which is a text field(Name__c).In the assignment section in the picture I am assigning a number to a variable varNum.Now I have to concatenate this number with a text "Modification" and use this combined variable in the update record and update field(Name__c) with this value Modification-01 for eg.I tried using a formula but not working. "Modification" & " " &{!VarNum}

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You have the following situation

  • a number variable (VarNum)
  • Text you'd like to use (Modification)
  • You want to combine the two as one text value

The obvious conflict is that you can't combine a number and text directly. Since your goal is text, you need to convert the number to text in your formula. You'll want to most likely go through Use Text Formulas trailhead which covers this exact scenario:

TEXT() converts a Percent, Number, Date, Date/Time, picklist, or Currency field into Text. TEXT() returns output without any formatting, commas, or currency signs

As such, just adding that should allow you to do what you want

"Modification-" & TEXT({!VarNum})
  • Thanks @Kris Gonclaves. Consider i have to add a lookup field as well.For eg Here my record is Grant Contract Modification and I have a related object Grant Contract.Master contract given in grant Contract Modification to Grant Contract.I can only get the name of the related field.I can only get the id if I fetch the lookup.
    – user110064
    Apr 4 at 17:25

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