I have used metadata APIs to create new values to picklist values using apex. But unfortunately, I am not able to understand how to write the test class for the same.

Can someone help me

This is my code

    public static void addNewPiklistValue(String value) {
        Refined_MetadataService.MetadataPort service = new Refined_MetadataService.MetadataPort();
        service.timeout_x =120000;
        service.SessionHeader = new Refined_MetadataService.SessionHeader_element();
        service.SessionHeader.sessionId = UserInfo.getSessionId();
        Refined_MetadataService.CustomField customFieldOfPO = 
            (Refined_MetadataService.CustomField) service.readMetadata('CustomField', new String[] { 
                'SBQQ__ProductOption__c.Target__c' }).getRecords()[0];    
        Refined_MetadataService.CustomValue valueToAdd = new Refined_MetadataService.CustomValue();
        valueToAdd.fullName = value;
        Refined_MetadataService.SaveResult result = service.updateMetadata(new Refined_MetadataService.Metadata[] 

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Web service calls such as this can be mocked so your test case could look something like this:

private class MetadataServiceTest {

    private class MetadataServiceMock implements WebServiceMock {

        Integer callCount = 0;

        public void doInvoke(
            Object stub,
            Object request,
            Map<String, Object> response,
            String endpoint,
            String soapAction,
            String requestName,
            String responseNS,
            String responseName,
            String responseType
        ) {
            // Basic mocking only
            if (request instanceOf MetadataService.deleteMetadata_element) {
                MetadataService.deleteMetadataResponse_element res =
                    new MetadataService.deleteMetadataResponse_element();
                res.result = new MetadataService.DeleteResult[] {};
                response.put('response_x', res);
            } else {
                System.assert(false, 'unexpected request ' + request);

    static void delete_ok() {

        MetadataServiceMock mock = new MetadataServiceMock();
        Test.setMock(WebServiceMock.class, mock);

        Template2__mdt template = queryTemplate();

        String message = TemplatesTabController.deleteTemplate(template.Id);
        System.assertEquals(null, message);

        // Delete done
        System.assertEquals(1, mock.callCount);


This code relates to a custom metadata type not picklist metadata but your pattern will be similar with different types used.

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