On Datorama when trying to get the length of an array I'm able to get it using a calculated dimension by:

 a = SPLIT([Media_Buy_Name],'_')
 return EXTRACT(a[a.length-1],'&',0)

But when using the formula editor inside the mapping tool, the same code is not working : class not found: java.lang.Object$length

  • What if there's only one element in the array -- a? Even if it's not syntactically correct, it would be problematic. May 4, 2022 at 20:38

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You could do something like this, where str is [Media_Buy_Name]:

str = 'this_is_a_test_whee&whoa&whoop';
arr = SPLIT(str,'_');
b = arr.length;
if (b > 0) {  
  return EXTRACT(arr[b-1],"&",0)
} else {
  return str

I validated this in Datorama and it returned:



According to one of my astute co-workers, your original expression was missing a semicolon. This'll return the same results as my expression above.

a = SPLIT('this_is_a_test_whee&whoa&whoop','_');
return EXTRACT(a[a.length-1],'&',0)
  • Thanks to the co-worker :D
    – mario ruiz
    May 6, 2022 at 19:42

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