I have 3 images (imagine: logo, img1, img2) uploaded and published in Content Builder.

I want to add thos published URLs to a DE, so in logo's line I add url from logo image.

If there a just 3, its easy to do it manually but thinking of more images, I would like to know I there is a way to automate it and have all urls stored automatically in a DE with the name of the image.

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    Welcome to SFSE, Constanza. Can you explain in more details what you are trying to achieve? A single sentence in your question does not provide a lot of context, and hence makes it extremely difficult to help you. Mar 22, 2022 at 13:34

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I will recommend using Ampscript's contentimagebykey function. You should apply unique and logical keys to your images, e.g. "logo_brandX", "logo_brandY". This will let you use an ampscript parameter to fetch the right logo.

You can use it in following way, assuming you are setting the image based on a value in sendable data extension (let's call it brand):

SET @brand = AttributeValue("brand")
SET @imagekey = Concat("logo_",@brand)

Here goes the image:<br/>

As an example, I have created an image here, which is uploaded and once uploaded, I have updated the key to logo_audi:

enter image description here

Then, according to the amscript code above, I would have a value of audi in my record in sendable data extension, then this value would be combined with logo_ in the Concat function, allowing logo_audi to be displayed by ContentImageByKey.

A good practice would also be to add a default logo, if there is a recipient with a brand which doesn't match any uploaded images. It will then be displayed instead.

See this answer on how to manage additional parameters in the img tag when using this function.

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