I have an issue converting a date/time to a string format date. Indeed, I would like to change the following date format : 'mardi 15 mars 2022 4:24 PM' to this format '15/03/2022' without the timedate. Do you know which function could I use to reach that ?

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There's the built-in Format function that is perfect for your use case:

Format(YourDate, 'dd/MM/yyyy') as StringifiedDate.

Just remember that your destination data extension fields needs to be of the Text data type (the default length of 50 will be enough for this)

On a side note: I recently had to do the same thing wanting to have my dates readable by Excel and wrote an article about it and the above solution is one of a few approaches that worked.


This can be done using the following SQL function (CONVERT):

SELECT CONVERT([data type], [value to convert], [style])

The values inside the [] should be replaced with the values you would use:

[data type] = This is the target data type to be converted. In your case, it would be datetime.

[value to convert] = the field in which you wish to convert to your desired date format.

[style] = the format in which you would like to convert to. In your case, this would be 3, but you can get a list of the options here.

Find out more about the CONVERT function here.

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