Basically I'm trying to write an after insert trigger for ContentVersion the object. Whenever a new record is created by user ID "0052o000008YA5WAAW", I want to then check ContentDocumentLink and see if the ContentDocumentId exists in ContentDocumentLink and if the LinkedEntityID starts with 'a3r' which is a custom object of mine. Then taking that LinkedEntityID for example "a3r7T000000L4K7QAK". That value could exist in a field called Ironclad_Information__c on the objects Account, Opportunity, or Quote.

Then create a new ContentDocumentLink with following parameters

Visiblity = 'All Users'
LinkedEntityId = Account, Opportunity, or Quote (However many object records you found matching "a3r7T000000L4K7QAK" in the field Ironclad_Information__c across the three objects in this example) 
ContentDocumentLink = the Trigger.new value of the ContentDocumentId present in ContentVersion

In my example I was just focusing on Quote, but ideally I would like to create for all objects.

So I corrected my illegal set assignment, by stringifying my Set to an ID. But now I get

17:43:07:006 FATAL_ERROR System.QueryException: Implementation restriction: ContentDocumentLink requires a filter by a single Id on ContentDocumentId or LinkedEntityId using the equals operator or multiple Id's using the IN operator.

And I can't see why, I am doing an In statement in my SOQL

for (ContentDocumentLink cvlink: [
    SELECT Id, ContentDocumentId, LinkedEntityId 
    FROM ContentDocumentLink 
    WHERE ContentDocumentId IN:contentDocumentIdSet

The contentDocumentIdSet was set by my Trigger firing and iterating them into a set. Why is it erroring on that?

trigger AutoCreateContentDocumentLinkQuote on ContentVersion (after insert) {
    Set<Id> contentDocumentIdSet = new Set<Id>();
    for(ContentVersion cv:trigger.new)
        if(cv.ContentDocumentId != null && cv.CreatedById == '0052o000008YA5WAAW')
    Set<Id> CleanedDocList = new Set<Id>();
    //Checks if Record was Made by Legal
    for(ContentDocumentLink cvlink: [SELECT Id, ContentDocumentId, LinkedEntityId FROM ContentDocumentLink WHERE ContentDocumentId IN:contentDocumentIdSet])
    {   String idtext = String.valueof(cvlink.Id);
        if(idtext.left(3) == 'a3r')
    //Find Quote that Exists
    List<Quote> q1 = [Select Id from Quote where Ironclad_Information__c in: contentDocumentIdSet limit 1];
    //Insert ContentDocumentLink
    ContentDocumentLink cDocLink = new ContentDocumentLink();
    cDocLink.ContentDocumentId = String.valueof(CleanedDocList);
    cDocLink.LinkedEntityId = q1[0].Id;//Add Quote ID
    cDocLink.ShareType = 'V';  //V - Viewer permission. C - Collaborator permission. I - Inferred permission.
    cDocLink.Visibility = 'InternalUsers';//AllUsers, InternalUsers, SharedUsers
    Insert cDocLink;

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If the set is empty, this will cause the exception you see here. Abort early if there are no Id values:

if(contentDocumentIdSet.isEmpty()) {

Also, this code won't work:

String idtext = String.valueof(cvlink.Id);
if(idtext.left(3) == 'a3r')

You're checking the Id field, so the type will always be a ContentDocumentLink Id, not anything else. By the way, you should avoid the key prefix check model. Do this instead:

if(cvlink.LinkedEntityId.getSObjectType() == MyCustomObject__c.sObjectType) {

It's a bit longer but provides compile-time safety. Also, key prefixes are case sensitive, but the == operator in Apex is case-insensitive, so you could end up matching a3r and a3R, which may be two different, legal prefixes in your org.

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